August 3, 2017


The process of relocation with Aakash International Packers and Movers involves five steps, namely, Survey, Packing, Inventory, transportation and Unpacking.

Call us and we will send a move coordinator to your house to provide you with a free estimate. The move coordinator would take a survey of your possessions and the details of your destination. Once you receive your estimate, you may inform the move coordinator to plan your move. The move coordinator would then provide you with the schedule necessary for packaging to the final destination.

At Aakash International Packers and Movers, we employ the highest quality packing standards coupled with the best available packaging material. Dedicated, trained crew is used throughout the packing & loading process.

Aakash International Packers and Movers always provide a full itemization of a customer’s belongings. As we load the van, our supervisor will note the condition of each of your items. Once you approve, we are on our way to your new destination.

Aakash International Packers and Movers own a fleet of vehicles to move the goods of any volume. Aakash will transport the material in a closed container vehicle and make sure it reaches at destination safely

All possessions are unpacked and are moved in on a room-by-room basis. Breakables are unpacked over the box thereby reducing its chance of breakage. Our crew will assemble any furniture that has been packed in semi-knocked down condition. All the packing material will be taken away thereby making your new destination comfortable for you.